Professionals at your service

Professionals at your service

Your first contacts in the department will be the medical assistant to make appointments, and the operator/coordinator who will organize your course of treatment and will be your contact with the team.

Then you will meet the radiation therapist responsible for your treatment, and the operators who will take care of you for the preparation and the sessions. The service has a multidisciplinary team that works closely together to welcome you, treat you, help you and answer your questions.

The medical team

The radiotherapist-oncologist


This is the doctor specializing in radiotherapy. He/she will define the volumes to be irradiated and those to be protected, coordinate all your treatment, and check your tolerance to radiation during consultations.

The intern


This is a doctor on the way to becoming a specialist who works together with the radiotherapist. He/she will also provide weekly follow-up consultations.

The paramedical team

The operators

These are healthcare professionals who will take care of you every day. They check your position and carry out your treatment.

The paediatric coordinator


She helps young patients and their parents as they go through their radiotherapy care path. She answers patients' questions about the organization of their treatment and coordinates the professionals in order to optimize the quality of care.

The health supervisor


This is the person in charge of the care team and the organization of the technical platform.

The dietician


She is involved in certain treatment, when special nutritional support is necessary, to help you maintain a constant weight.

The reception team

The assistant and the medical secretary


They will greet you when you come to the radiotherapy department. They manage your monitoring appointments and deal with medical correspondence in collaboration with the radiotherapists.

The radiophysics team

The medical physicist

He/she ensures that your treatment runs smoothly from the technical standpoint. He checks that the doses are properly distributed, in accordance with the medical prescription. He also performs measurements on the apparatus to check that they function correctly.

The medical dosimetrist


He is a technician to whom the medical physicist entrusts the study of dose distribution.

The doctors in the department

Pr Jean-Louis HABRAND

Pediatric radiotherapy

Pr Jacques BALOSSO

Digestives pathologies / Hadrontherapy

Pr Juliette THARIAT

ENT, breast pathologies / Protontherapy

Dr William KAO
Dr William KAO

Neuro-oncology / Onco-dermatology

Dr Paul Lesueur

Neuro-oncology / Digestive pathologies / Protontherapy


Pediatric radiotherapy