Our missions

Our missions

Located in north west France, in Caen, the François Baclesse Centre is one of the cancer centres in Normandy. It is a private health institution of public interest providing care for any patient with suspected or confirmed cancer.

The François Baclesse Centre is a member of UNICANCER, and dedicates all of its care activities to the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. It also provides research, training and teaching in oncology.

As a centre for cancer control and a member of the UNICANCER group, the François Baclesse Centre operates a care model for cancer patients based on:

  • Multidisciplinary work,
  • Comprehensive care,
  • Access to innovation for all,
  • Access to quality care for all,
  • Personalized medicine,
  • A continuum between research and care,
  • Treating patients as partners,
  • Providing an efficient service for patients,
  • Initial and ongoing training of healthcare professionals and development of staff skills.

As a public sector hospital, it does not do private work, charges no extra fees and applies only conventional rates.
It is recognized as being of public utility and can receive tax-free donations and bequests.


To carry out its mission as part of a process providing comprehensive care for patients, including the social and psychological aspects, the Centre is organized into four departments: Medicine, Surgery, Medical-technical and Biopathology, and a platform for “Cross-sector Activities in Oncology and Support Care” (Activités Transversales en Oncologie et Soins de Support – ATOSS)
The François Baclesse Centre has a high-level care offering for the three main cancer treatment techniques: radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery

To provide all the necessary care and support, the ATOSS platform professionals aim to improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients and promote access to care.

Quality, safe healthcare

The François Baclesse Centre is committed to a comprehensive approach to improving the quality and safety of care.

All staff are involved in implementing the quality policy of the Centre, which is divided into four areas:

  • Optimization of patients’ care path within the Centre and with health professionals in town,
  • Innovation and development of clinical research,
  • Optimization of the quality system and risk management,
  • Making our organizations more efficient to ensure quality services.

HAS V2014 certification – François Baclesse Centre
HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) certification consists of a global, independent assessment of the institution by the health authorities, in order to promote the continuous improvement of patient care conditions. In particular, it focuses on assessing the institution’s ability to identify and control its risks, and to implement best practice.
The Centre’s certification report is available on the Haute Autorité de Santé website.

ISO 9001 certification – Clinical research
The French standards organization AFNOR has awarded our clinical research unit and the pharmaceutical trials sector ISO9001 certification, version 2015.
This recognition is proof that the François Baclesse Centre is engaged in a continuous process of improving quality based on a process and risk management initiative.


Donations and bequests for research

As a public utility institution, the François Baclesse Centre is allowed to receive gifts (article L6162-2 of the public health code). It is a public utility institution which assigns gifts to the financing of research.

For any information or information on donations and bequests, contact the management of the François Baclesse Centre:
Phone number : +33 (0)2 31 45 50 00
Mail : dons@baclesse.unicancer.fr