The Caen-Normandie urban area

The Caen-Normandie urban area

Ideally located 2 hours from Paris and 20 minutes from the beaches, Caen Normandie, the city of William the Conqueror, is a lively urban area with lots going on.

Caen-Normandie is a population catchment area of ​​nearly 400,000 inhabitants. It offers many contrasting landscapes and the range of activities that you would expect from a large urban area. The area provides both tranquillity and abundance, countryside and sea, town and countryside, and everywhere the French art de vivre and gastronomy.

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Where you can take a break

In the heart of Normandy, whose quality of life and gastronomy are known to all, bordered by the beaches of the Channel (from Lion-sur-Mer to Ouistreham Riva-Bella) including one of the D-Day landing beaches (Sword Beach), Caen-Normandie enjoys a wild, unspoiled natural setting.
Here you can choose between countryside and forests, large towns and small villages, walks in the countryside or along the coast.


Where history begins

It is also an area steeped in history. Caen was founded by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century and it also has Viking roots. Its architectural heritage, – Caen Castle, the two Caen abbeys, the Vaugueux district (Caen), the Ardenne abbey (Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe), the church of Thaon (eleventh and twelfth centuries) and the castle of Bénouville, to name just a few examples – has been exceptionally well preserved and showcased.


Where the wind of Freedom blows

And this area is also a humanist one. Caen has the largest number of book shops per inhabitant in France! But although since the 15th century academic work has given this area an ongoing desire to develop knowledge and share ideas, the sacrifice accepted on June 6, 1944 for the reconquest of the Freedom of Europe means that the people who live here always have the price of peace and freedom in mind, and as a result, more than anywhere else, want to protect them, both for themselves and for visitors.


Where the love of good food is a fine failing

With its privileged location by the sea, the quality of its markets, renowned chefs and four-star restaurants, Caen-Normandie is also appreciated for its exceptional gastronomy.

Where you will find plenty to enjoy

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