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The Normandy Proton Therapy Centre

Proton therapy is a form of innovative radiotherapy to improve the effectiveness and limit the toxicity of certain treatment. The proposal for proton therapy treatment at the François Baclesse Centre is a care offering on a national scale.

It will be the third site in France where this therapeutic treatment will be proposed after the Centre d'Orsay (Paris region) and Nice. Given the scarcity of this type of equipment in France, the François Baclesse Centre will offer this therapeutic option to people living in the north, west and south west third of France, or even to patients from abroad.

Tailor-made support

From validating the indication to organizing the course of treatment, each patient is managed on a personalized basis.

Treatment for adults

The care pathway in proton therapy: Validating the indication preparing the treatment, irradiation sessions, organizing the treatment.
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Treatment for children

Proton therapy treatment of children, adolescents and young adults requires information and appropriate organization of care.
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Cancers treated

For cancers in adults, proton therapy is currently indicated for tumours with high ballistic imperatives. In children
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What to do and see

The proton therapy treatment course includes daily treatment sessions over several weeks. Depending on what you feel like doing, Normandy offers many opportunities to make good use of your time here.
Caen Memorial Museum
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Parks & gardens of Caen
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Places of walks and discoveries
Between countryside and forests, large towns and small villages, country walks or on the coast: the city of Caen and the Normandy region offer a wide variety of choices.
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Centre de Protonthérapie de Normandie

Centre François Baclesse
Service de Radiothérapie
3 avenue Général Harris
14076 CAEN cedex 5
+33 (0)2 31 24 34 48

Centre de Protonthérapie de Normandie

Centre de Protonthérapie Cyclhad
35 Allée de Dakar
14200 Hérouville-Saint-Clair

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